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I believe the best review comes directly from the people I've helped.  
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"Nancy was very conscious of pain level/sensitive areas as I am recovering from an injury. She came very highly recommended from my physical therapist as a supplement to my recovery.  I will certainly be back for regular visits." - C. P.

"I can't tell you how much better my left shoulder feels as far as that pain I've had for the last month, and I think today's session was really, really remarkable; so I'm looking forward to seeing you next week!" - M. R.

"Work on my specific areas was much needed. I am in love w/ your massages! Can't wait to come back!" - L. F.

"I was referred...I loved everything..very relaxing - comfortable atmosphere - Nancy is very skilled & put me very much at ease. Pain relief!" - V. F.

" my first time here and definitely coming back." - F. D.

"Nancy was attentive and so amazing! She made sure I was comfortable and that painful areas were relaxed so that I was much more comfortable." - A. H.

"My massage today was by far the best that I have had. It was not rushed and I felt very comfortable." - K. P.

"Nancy was on my insurance website and very accommodating. She spent a lot of time helping me with my pain. She made sure I was comfortable - great!" - C. N.

"If you are looking for something different from a massage...I recommend you give this a try. I have been having massages for many years but for me Raindrop Technique has been by far the most relaxing. I can leave feeling so calm and peaceful. It is also healing me from many aches and pains. It also helps me not only physically but also emotionally." - C. E.

"My massage was customized to my issues and treated to relieve and relax my upper body. Loved the SRT. You didn't just give a massage, you treated my problematic areas and addressed all my acute pain.  Best massage I have ever had. Everything was awesome - I loved it." - D. P.

"I came in with pain in my right shoulder...not knowing what to expect. When I went over different problem areas, Nancy worked on these first. I had problem spots that I didn't even know I had. I could feel the pain just melt away. It wasn't just a massage, it was tailored to me which makes a world of difference." - C. W.

"Highly recommend Nancy. She is knowledgeable and really cares about your health and well-being. Massage is a perfect addition to your overall health plan." - P. D.

"First of all, my back feels wonderful! Haven't hit the golf course yet, but I was able to pick up and assemble 2...dressers over the weekend without difficulty. Thank you again for your wonderful service!" - M. H.

"Great atmosphere. After my first massage with Nancy I felt incredible. She got right to the pain and gently worked out stiffness and pain points!" - K. S.

"I felt comfortable and safe and well taken care of. Complete attention was given to all my needs. Thank you, Nancy, I had a great experience/massage and appreciate all the time you took to make sure I had a thorough treatment. I felt great afterward and look forward to my next appointment." - K. R.

"Atmosphere was a completely relaxing experience. The problems that I didn't realize I had were addressed and massaged away.  Nancy was very professional and very good.  Thanks." - B. B.

"The treatment is customized and personal...Really listens! I feel 'looser' and since muscle tightness is my issue, the overall effect was wonderful! It was all terrific." - J. P.

"The massage was very relaxing and the muscles in my back feel more flexible. You did a great job. I am very happy with the results today." - D. W.

"My knee and back feel much knew exactly the areas to focus on.  I felt amazing afterwards and can't wait to come back." - K. W.

"Very thorough. Good listener. Found the right spots." - C. W.

"Very relaxing; left feeling very good.  Excellent massage." - Kathy, Leominster, MA  

"..I've had remarkably wonderful results from your last treatment.  No pain at all for 5 or more days; sleeping well at night; no need for pain medication.  Almost feeling like new again..." - Karen, Lunenburg, MA  

"Great experience.  Nancy takes extra care with everything." - Diane, Leominster, MA

"Friendly, cozy, personal...what I liked best was your ability to customize for my particular needs and make sore spots smile!" - Carina, Leominster, MA  

"Excellent 1st experience - very individualized and thorough!" - Nancy H., Leominster, MA  

"Very comforting and relaxing experience - safe, warm, homey feel. I am comfortable here and love Nancy's warm friendly, inviting personality." - Christine C., Lancaster, MA 

"...Good pressure, asked about needs, excellent treatment space." - Julie, Gardner, MA

"[What I liked best was that you were] thorough...adapt treatment to client needs, your concern for comfort, specifically: cranial, cervical." - Kate, Lancaster, MA

"Started very focused on areas of biggest discomfort to alleviate pain to allow more relaxation during remainder of massage..." - Sharon K., Leominster MA 

"Viewpoint Massage is the place to go when you need someone to listen to you.  Nancy is a very caring person and is dedicated to her work by keeping up on the latest classes.  She will work with you to find out what your needs are and how she can best serve you.  I have had very good results.  For me it is releasing the tension in my neck and shoulders and the sciatic problem in my left leg by using the stretching method [Active Isolated Stretching] to relieve the tension, and of course that wonderful massage after the stretching.  My husband is also going to her and he is feeling very good.  So we say give her a chance to help you also.  You won't regret it." - Cathy & Bob E., Leominster MA

"Nancy is hands down the best massage therapist I have ever experienced.  She is genuinely concerned with every aspect of her customer's comfort during treatment and effectiveness of the treatment.  I was so impressed that she warmed pillows to keep on my feet since they always run cold.  She thinks of every detail! She is also great fun to know and I always thoroughly enjoy seeing her.  She surrounds both body and spirit with a lovely positive energy!  I'm a customer for life." -  Melissa G., Leominster, MA

"[What I liked best was] the focus on my shoulders ...SRT [Structural Relief Therapy] therapy worked! ...Relaxing ambiance, nice soothing music.  I was very well taken care of."  - Michele, Boxborough, MA

"Your room is very comfortable; overall you exceeded my expectations.  I really like the approach that you take."- Bill S., Auburn, MA

"Nancy is very receptive and welcoming. This adds greatly to my ability to relax and obtain the greatest benefit from the treatment.  In addition, Nancy has an instinctive ability that goes beyond her training.  Her touch is both competent and caring.  She knows how to translate her knowlede with skill and sensitivity.  Best LMT I have experienced in 20 years!" - Susan L., Leominster, MA

"The ambiance was perfect and you made it very comfortable!  I am never able to fully zone out EVER - even w/ hot bath etc but I was able to 100% relax!" - Jillian F., Leominster, MA

"I had some stiffness in my lower back.  After your massage treatments I can move through my day a lot easier without that annoying stiffness.  Thank you!" - Joseph A., Fitchburg, MA

"If I had known how relaxed this massage would make me feel, I would have tried a massage a long time ago!  Thank you for making my first-time massage such a comfortable and relaxing experience." - Marie C., Westford, MA